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30+ Years of Leadership Development

The purpose of Adult Leadership Obion County is to identify and educate potential community leaders and to prepare them for roles that will make a difference in the community.

Team Building Day

The opening session of team building allows class members to build relationships through team building activities. The class also discusses the selection of a class project.

Public Service Day

Public service day lets the class see the day to day operations that provide the community with clean water, sewage system, news, emergency notifications, and fire protection.

Agriculture Day

Ag day allows the class to tour agriculture based facilities that specialize in growing and creating diverse products such as ethanol, sausage, and chicken nuggets.

Medical Day

Class members are given the opportunity to visit various health care service providers. They leave with a better understanding of what type of care our local healthcare facilities provide.

Education Day

On education day the class the class tours our area school systems including Tennessee College of Applied Science in Newbern, elementary school and high school in both Obion County and Union City school districts.

Economic & Community Development Day

On economic development day the class is given updates on progress being made to grow our community. They are also introduced to natural resources, such as, natural gas process and rubber making. This day provides the class with knowledge of our airport and a visit to Final Flight to hear how a family dream in to a successful business.

Law Enforcement Day

The class is invited by our local law enforcement to learn about our court system, law enforcement agencies, task force, and the incarceration process.

Arts & Entertainment Day

Arts and entertainment day gives the class an opportunity to see many entertainment offerings in the community through gardening, fashion, theater, and wine making.

Legislative Day

A trip to Nashville provides the class with the chance to tour the capital, sit in on session, and have lunch with local political leaders.

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