About Us

30+years of leadership development

2015 Outstanding Leadership Program TACL1

Applications are open from July 1st to August 1st
– Sponsor Fee $500

Sessions begin in September with a Meet & Greet and ends in May. Graduation is in May.

Sessions are:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Team Building Day
  • Public Service Day
  • Ag Day
  • Class Project Day
  • Economic & Community Development Day
  • Education Day
  • Medical Day
  • Legislative Day
  • County Government Day
  • Arts & Entertainment Day

Board members are facilitators for each session with various Obion County businesses sponsoring lunch.

2015 Outstanding Leadership Program TACL1

Graduating Class of 2022 -2023

Mission Statement

The mission of Adult Leadership Obion County is to inspire and motivate participants to pursue leadership skills and responsibilities that can be implemented within Obion County, their employment and personal lives.



Adult Leadership Obion County Bylaws



Adult Leadership Obion County Application