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About Us

30+ Years of Leadership Development

2015 TCAL Outstanding Leadership Program
2015 TCAL Outstanding Leadership Program

Adult Leadership Obion County began in 1987 with the first class graduating 25 participants.

Applications are accepted typically from May until the end of July – Sponsor Fee $450

Sessions begin in September with a Meet & Greet and ends in April.   Graduation is in May.


Sessions are:
Team Building at UTM
Ag Day
Public Service Day
Medical Day
Economic and Community Development Day
Education Day
Legislative Day
Law Enforcement Day
Arts and Entertainment Day

Board members are facilitators for each session with various Obion County businesses sponsoring lunch.


The mission of Adult Leadership Obion County is to inspire and motivate participants to pursue leadership skills and responsibilities that can be implemented within Obion County, their employment and personal lives.


The biggest benefit of Obion County Adult Leadership to me, personally was the community awareness aspect. I was born and raised in Bells, TN (Crockett County). So, there were a lot of things I wasn’t aware of due to not being a native of Obion County. Being able to visit so many places in the County during the sessions not only allows you to get a “bird’s eye” view of what goes on inside that place, but it also allows you to gather how much each individual place may work together with another place or rely on another place to even function. Additionally, it allows you to meet the owners or employees of these places and become acquainted with so many new people, which in-turn allowed me to feel a sense of community belonging.

Tyler Hayes


I have lived in Obion County for a total of 12 years, 3 different times.  I thought I knew most of what Obion County had to offer.  Little did I know, I would learn and be exposed to so many different entities.  I had no idea that there were community needs when it came to feeding children on the weekends.  I just assumed that we didn’t have a hunger problem in Obion County.  On my very first day at leadership, we had a speaker talk about how great this need was.  That is when we as a class decided to do our class project on creating a 501 (c) (3) and form a board to make sure that this program is funded and kids are fed.  On a professional level, it was great to be able to connect with other leaders.  It’s always a great time to network and learn about the prospective of others and how they lead their teams.  Personal growth is a key to a great leader and that is exactly what this leadership program has done for me.  Each time we met, we were challenged to make a difference in our community.  I have more passion for Obion County and want to make it an even better place to live!

Joyanne Gansereit

University of Tennessee at Martin

Adult Leadership provides emerging and existing leaders opportunities to explore the various industries in Obion County, and the impact they make on the economy. It also inspires new ideas and potential growth to improve our weaknesses. During my time in leadership, I learned about the resilience and strength of our community.  I learned that each business, industry, and community depend on one another to make Obion County so successful. Having lived many places across the south, I am proud to call Union City my home.

Ashley King

Westan Insurance

My wife and I moved to Obion County in the Spring of 2012 to begin our new careers.  Adult Leadership Obion County provided me the opportunity to not only network with my class but also allowed me to meet other contacts within the community relating to non-profits, business owners, industry leaders, and other influential county citizens.  Adult Leadership Obion County was a very important step in beginning my current career foundation and it lead to many other leadership opportunities within our county and our region.

Greg Dozier

Commercial Bank
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